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We have now stopped selling games to concentrate on our consultancy work.

BUT: we are delighted to announce that we have arranged for Tarquin, the UK's top Maths Education Publisher and Supplier to take on all of our publications and are now selling the full range of 24® Game and Target Maths. 

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Download high quality free maths resources produced by Chris Olley, Director of the Maths PGCE at King's College London and the Maths Zone team.

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Sequences: Gauss
Worksheet An engagement with Gauss' method to sum a sequence of whole numbers. PDF
Download this resource ... 9+
The Tower of Hanoi
Worksheet An investigation into solving the Towers of Hanoi puzzle. PDF
Download this resource ... 9+
Worksheet An investigation into the structure of coding patterns available using the raised dots system of Braille. PDF
Download this resource ... 9+
Big Numbers
Worksheet Two activities to look at very large numbers: the rice on a chessboard and paper folding. PDF
Download this resource ... 9+
Exploring Maths at Advanced Level with and HP39gII
Lesson Plan Worksheet A booklet of guidance, support and activities for those studying maths at advanced level using an HP39gII graphing calculator. PDF
Download this resource ...
The Maths Lessons Pack for the HP39gII
Lesson Plan Worksheet A booklet for teachers using the HP39gII graphing calculator. Contains a range of activities and worksheets for activities from KS3 to A level. Includes instructions for data streaming experiments using the HP40gs and StreamSmart software. PDF
Download this resource ...
Mathematics and Slavery Teaching Pack
Lesson Plan Worksheet A comprehensive packs of materials developed for the commission for racial equality (which was wound up shortly after their completion) for looking at the slave trade in mathematics lessons. Considerable effort has been gone to to ensure that the horrors of the slave trade come out of an engagement with commercial 'arguments' made for it. Lesson plans, students help cards and a detailed student booklet make up a complete teaching pack which would be ideal for history and maths departments working together. Zip File
Download this resource ... 11-18
Modelling, Functions and Estimation. A Pizza Problem.
Article Developing student's thinking in mathematical modelling by looking at rates of cooling. This article takes the reader through a detailed narrative for engaging learner's with how to create and critique a mathematical model. PDF
Download this resource ... 11-16
Computer Algebra Systems
Article A discussion of how computer algebra systems can be used to support learners of maths in secondary schools. PDF
Download this resource ... 11-18
The Walking the Line activity
Worksheet A presentation to support the data streaming/logging activity known as 'Walking the Line'. Students walk towards and away from a distance sensing device and match their motion to distance-time graphs. This presentation contains a developing sequence of graphs to match. PDF Powerpoint
Download this resource ... 11-18
Quadratic Functions Teaching Pack
Lesson Plan Worksheet A comprehensive set of worksheets and lesson plans to support a coherent, structured sequence of lessons to develop students' thinking about quadratic functions. Students explore the different presentations of quadratics using graphing software or graphing calculators while building the relationship between different presentations, their relationships to features of the graph and different ways to solve quadratics up to a proof of the quadratic formula. PDF
Download this resource ... 11-18
A Level Mechanics Revision Notes
Article A set of hints, tips and notes for A level students on the key issues of mechanics. PDF
Download this resource ... 16-18
A Level Algebra Revision Notes
Article A pack of hints, tips and notes for A PDF
Download this resource ... 16-18
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