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24 GameŽ Multiply/Divide

24 GameŽ Multiply/Divide

24 GameŽ Multiply/Divide • PCODE 12-08 • PID 183

A great introduction to the 24 GameŽ for younger players or those developing confident with numbers. Work out which circle makes the target number at the top.

How to Play: Each card has two wheels and a white target number. Pick the wheel that makes the target number. You can add, subtract, multiply or divide. Use all numbers on the wheel, but use each only once.

Three levels of challenge:

1 dot - the two circles each contain two numbers only

2 dot - each cirscle has three numbers

3 dots - the target number is always 24

Number of Players:

1+ player

Age Range:


24 GameŽ Multiply/Divide - 96 cards. Age 8+

24 GameŽ Multiply/Divide - 96 cards. Age 8+


A great pack to get started with the 24 game. Find the card that makes the target number. More challenging than the Add/Subtract pack.

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24 GameŽ Multiply/Divide

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