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We have now stopped selling games to concentrate on our consultancy work.

BUT: we are delighted to announce that we have arranged for Tarquin, the UK's top Maths Education Publisher and Supplier to take on all of our publications and are now selling the full range of 24® Game and Target Maths. 

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Access to Mathematics

Access to Mathematics

Access to Mathematics • PCODE 00-197 • PID 340

Learn English through mathematics. A complete course aimed at students who are still developing their fluency in English.

Specially designed to give access to mathematics for pupils whose English is not fluent and is therefore an obstacle to progression in maths. A minimal langauge pre-test allows students to show what maths they already know. A tracker sheet guides them to work on the maths they need to develop. Vocabulary help sheets support students with the technical vocabulary they need to develop. The activities themselvs are cleverly designed to use only the absolute minimum of words, while developing technical vocabulary. The langauge level develops as the course progresses. Students take a final test using standard langauge levels to demonstrate their readiness for maintsream school and success in formal exams. 

Download free sample materials to try out from the student workbook:




Access to Mathematics consists of:

Teacher handbook with over 40 maths lessons outlined in detail.

10 comprehensive student workbooks.

Access to the Access to mathematics web site with interactive activities all referenced in the books and answers to all of the activities.

Additional packs of 10 workbooks are also available.

The course books are very cleverly designed to minimise the language used, whilst introducing the mathematical vocabulary and learning it in a very visual way. A fantastic resource for schools in the UK which are working with new arrivals to the country and also for outside the UK, where learning is through English.

A must for schools concerned with equality and inclusion. An essentiual purchase for all schools with any students with EAL.

Access to Mathematics (Maths for EAL)

Access to Mathematics (Maths for EAL)


Complete maths course for ages 14+ for students who are still developing fluency in English.

Not presently available

Access to Mathematics: Add on pack of 10 student books

Access to Mathematics: Add on pack of 10 student books


Add-on pack of 10 student books for Access to Maths Course

Not presently available

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Access to Mathematics Access to Mathematics Access to Mathematics
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