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Download high quality free maths resources produced by Chris Olley, Director of the Maths PGCE at King's College London and the Maths Zone team.

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Board Games

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Traditional and new board games

If you are looking for a great board game to inspire and engage, then look no further than our fantastic selection of number, shape and strategy board games. We have classic strategy games like Go or the Viking Game, thinking number games like Equate and Nubble and games to practice different maths skills like Totally Tut and Times Tables Lotto.

Games for the family to play at home or great ways of promoting maths learning in schools.

  • Shut the Box

    Try and shut all of the flaps by adding the numbers on the dice. Played in schools, homes and even games nights in pubs!More info

    • + basket Double Shut the Box [00-101-02] £17.00
  • Auntie Pasta's Fraction Game

    Learn fractions the easy way by making pizzas!More info

    • + basket Auntie Pasta's Fraction Game [00-032-01] £11.00
  • Sum Swamp

    Work your way round the swamp by combining the dice to move forward or backwards. Great for beginning to understand adding on and taking away.More info

    • Sum Swamp [00-045-01] Not Available
  • Money Bags

    Get used to handling money and calculating amounts with this fun money board game.More info

    • + basket Money Bags [00-123-01] £14.00
  • The Friendly Number Game

    Four fiendish number puzzles to give your brain some exercise! Go from easy to fiendishly challenging.More info

    • + basket The Friendly Number Game [00-126-01] £15.00
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