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Katamino • PCODE 27 • ID 27

Very clever sets of pentomino shape activities for school or home. Find the shapes on the card and put them together to make incresaingly bigger rectangles, create wonderful pictures or play the

Each box comes complete with a full set of 12 individually coloured pentomino pieces, a playing board / slider / grid and a set of rules. The idea is the same in both sets - choose the number of pieces you want to use and find the coloured pieces to try to make different sized rectangles.

The aim is to make perfect units (pentas) by placing the pieces you have selected on the board. The game becomes harder as you increase the number of pieces taken. A really challenging spatial awareness activity for all ages. Challenging enough for the more experienced players (including adults!) and a great way into exploring shape for the younger players.

Avalaible in either chunky wooden pieces as the Classic set or in solid plastic pieces.

Age Range:

4 - 104


  • Katamino Travel

    A brand new travel version of the popular pentomino shape puzzle.More info

    • + basket Katamino Travel [27-04-01] £14.00

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