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 Exciting changes at The Maths Zone.

We have now stopped selling games to concentrate on our consultancy work.

BUT: we are delighted to announce that we have arranged for Tarquin, the UK's top Maths Education Publisher and Supplier to take on all of our publications and are now selling the full range of 24® Game and Target Maths. 

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Maths for a Day

Maths for a Day

Maths for a Day • PCODE 00-111 • PID 2

All the games and activities you need to run a whole day maths event in your school and get to keep for future years

Why not set up a whole school maths event - with a day of challenging, stimulating maths activities in a hall, gym or canteen? And - best of all, you get to keep the resources so that you can run it again whenever you like!

Each box consists of a fantastic selection of games PLUS a comprehensive Organiser Guide, laminated rules for tables, a great range of investigation sheets and additional activities.

Maths for a Day Secondary Contents:

Organiser’s Guide

* Two laminated Big Hands

* Two Double Shut the Box set

* Three Tantrix discovery packs

* Three Soma Cubes

* Three Tower of Hanoi sets

* Three Geometry Puzzle sets (2 x shape-by-shape, 1 x block-by-block)

* Six wooden puzzles (2 x The confounded cross, 2 x The star, 2 x The T puzzle)

* Three Target Maths sets (set 2, set 3, set 4)

* Two Mancala sets

* Two Katamino set

* Two Tic-Tac-Toe (3D noughts and crosses) set

Bag of counters and matchsticks for the matchstick and coin puzzles

One laminated instruction sheets for all activities

50 copies each of worksheets for extra activities

Maths for a Day Primary

These sets have a similar content structure to the secondary set but with games targetted at the age group. 

If you require any additional games, you can order those as extra games, in the usual way.

For further support and advice please give us a call on 020 8318 6380 to discuss how we can help to make your day a real success.

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