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Changes at The Maths Zone.

We have now stopped selling games to concentrate on our consultancy work.

BUT: we are delighted to announce that we have arranged for Tarquin, the UK's top Maths Education Publisher and Supplier to take on all of our publications and are now selling the full range of 24® Game and Target Maths. 

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Games Box 3: for ages 11 to 14

Games Box 3: for ages 11 to 14

Games Box 3: for ages 11 to 14 • PCODE 00-003 • PID 5

A set of 12 games packed in a high quality storage box. Suitable for Number Partners volunteers. maths clubs or to support learning in the classroom.

Each Games Box consists of at least 12 games. Some of them are quick to play and learn Snap cards, supporting speedy number recall, others are longer board games. Each box represents a well balanced and exciting mixture of games to be used in the classroom, clubs or to support the national Number Partners programme.


1. Numenko

2. Fiendish Numbers

3. Distraction

4. Maths Snap Plus

5. Numero

6. Target Maths 3

7. Target Maths 4

8. Set

9. SuperTMatik Set 1 (See: www.youtube.com/watch?v=oaMsLOD6k3c)

10. SuperTMatik Set 2

11. Triolet

12. Maths Dice/Maths Dice Powers

Additional items

A. Spy Catcher

B. The Tiger’s Escape

C. 6 Sand Timers

The games we put into the boxes varies to reflect the current best maths games on the market. When a game is discontinued we source another fantastic game to replace it with. Number Partners volunteers love the variety of types of games in this box. The photographs are an example of the kind of games you will get in your box.

The whole set is packaged in a high quality, clearly labelled storage box.

If you would like to add in any additional games, please contact us at The Maths Zone.

We also put together sets of games for ages 5 - 7 and 7 - 11. Please click on the links below to take you straight to those product pages.

Games Box 1: ages 5 - 7

Games Box 2: ages 7 -11

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Games Box 3: for ages 11 to 14 Games Box 3: for ages 11 to 14 Games Box 3: for ages 11 to 14
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