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Numero • PCODE 00-057 • PID 168

Take, build or discard cards as your race to win the most cards/points in this clever number card game. With 4 playing levels, this makes an engaging game for home or school.

A sophisticated card game of tricks and placing of cards starts with whole numbers and builds up to using fractions in level 4. The aim is collect as many cards or score the highest number of points (depending on which level you are playing) by the end of the game.

There are 3 basic playing moves, one of which you must make each turn:

a Take - where you match a card with one or more in the centre and take them

a Build - where you place a card in the centre which, when added to another in the centre, gives the answer of a card you are holding. You are ready then to Take in your next turn (unless your opponent gets there first!)

a Discard - where you have to get rid of a card because can neither Take nor Build!

Start with level 1 and progress to more challenging levels. As a learning game it is best played between two people, which provides the optimum playing conditions to challenge minds and improve number skills, but can be played by up to four players.

Number of Players:

2+ players

Age Range:


Web Resources

Here is a link to the Numero web site with full details on playing the game, competitions etc.

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