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 Exciting changes at The Maths Zone.

We are now working across the UK and in various countries around the world as Education Consultants and so no longer sell our full range of maths games.

We still sell the 24 Game.

More exciting news to follow ...

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24 Game Tournament

24 Game Tournament

24 Game Tournament • PCODE 12-12 • PID 417

Special Robert Sun Signature Edition Tournament Kit

Hold a 24® Game Maths Tournament in your school!

The Signature Edition Tournament Kit provides all the materials your classroom or school will need to make planning and implementing a 24® Game tournament easy!

Extremely versatile - can be used for a classroom or school event. Detailed information on tournament organisation and rules are included.

x 1 Single Digits 96-Card Game

x 1 Double Digits 96-Card Game

x 1 Variables 96-Card Game

x 8 Tournament Mats

1 "Gold" Medal

4 24® Game Safety Lanyards

Score Cards & Instructions

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