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Puzzles section

Puzzles to baffle and amuse. A good puzzle takes time to solve. Some are classics, some work at different levels. Most are suitable for all ages.

  • Small Wooden Puzzles

    A range of intriguing small wooden puzzles in a cotton bag.More info

    • Tangram
    • The T Puzzle [15-03-01] Not Available
    • Cross (3D)
  • Tantrix Puzzles

    A range of Tantrix puzzles including the 10 piece 'Discovery' sets, the magnetic version and the 56 piece Game Pack.More info

  • Katamino

    Very clever sets of pentomino shape activities for school or home. Find the shapes on the card and put them together to make incresaingly bigger rectangles, create wonderful pictures or play theMore info

    • + basketKatamino Travel [27-04-01] £14.00
  • Tower of Hanoi

    The classic game of skill and strategy. Move all of the discs onto the rod at the other end of the stand. More info

    • 9 disc Tower of Hanoi - in a wooden box [00-069-04] Not Available
    • + basket NEW! Tower of Hanoi - 9 rings [00-069-05] £12.00
  • Rainbow Pentominoes

    Six sets of pentomino puzzles in one tub.More info

    • + basket Rainbow Pentominoes [00-018-01] £22.00
  • Soma Cube

    A beautiful version of the classic Soma Cube. Put the seven four unit pieces together to form a 3x3 cube. Tricky - but oh so rewarding when that final piece fits in!More info

    • + basket Soma Cube - 'The Hide' [00-136-02] £9.00
  • Rainbow Tangram tub

    More info

    • + basket Rainbow Tangram tub [00-246-01] £25.00
  • Tangrams Smart Pack

    More info

    • + basket Tangrams Smart Pack [00-247-01] £7.00
  • Double Six Dominoes

    More info

    • + basket Double Six Dominoes [00-248-01] £24.00
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