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 Exciting changes at The Maths Zone.

We have now stopped selling games to concentrate on our consultancy work.

BUT: we are delighted to announce that we have arranged for Tarquin, the UK's top Maths Education Publisher and Supplier to take on all of our publications and are now selling the full range of 24® Game and Target Maths. 

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Rainbow Pentominoes

Rainbow Pentominoes

Rainbow Pentominoes • PCODE 00-018 • PID 67

Six sets of pentomino puzzles in one tub.

Dominoes have two squares, triominoes have three. So...pentominoes have 5 squares placed edge to edge. There are thirteen distinct pentominoes and each set contains one of each pentomino. There is a wealth of activities and puzzles to be played with pentominoes and great opportunities for mathematical work. Each set comes with a getting started activity sheet. We also stock the Tarquin book: ‘Pentominoes’ for a wide range of activities.

Sturdy and robust for classroom use, these six complete sets of pentominoes in six different colours are an ideal resource for work on pentominoes. They come packed into a strong drum.

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Here is a page of ideas, links and activities on pentominoes.

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