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To Your Credit

To Your Credit

To Your Credit • PCODE 00-139 • PID 233

The life game for keeping your finances on track.

NEW: Only available through Prospects Education Resources - To Your Credit

In this innovative finance themed board game, each player takes on the role of a different character, helping them to achieve a successful lifestyle.

The winner is the first player to achieve their personal targets with their finances properly managed and on track!

Take turns to move around the board, picking up opportunity cards, making payments, earning study points and paying off your credit cards.

Learn to manage your finances and make important decisions while playing this exciting board game.

An excellent game to play at home or in school. Designed to support the Citizenship curriculum: financial capability. Supported by comprehensive teachers' notes.

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To Your Credit

To Your Credit


The life game for keeping your finances on track. Perfect for use in schools to support students learning about managing their finances.

Not presently available

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To Your Credit To Your Credit To Your Credit

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