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Web Wheeler Dealer

Web Wheeler Dealer

Web Wheeler Dealer • PCODE 00-005 • PID 13

An exciting game of entrepreneurship, giving learners the chance to develop their skills in enterprise by buying and selling on the internet.

NEW: Only available through Prospects Education Resources - Web Wheeler Dealer

The enterprise game of buying and selling on the internet. You have £100 to invest and a random collection of items comes up for sale. You notice that some of them belong to the same set, sci-fi character figures, chinese dolls, the parts to build a computer, ... you look them up and notice that the individual items can be had quite cheaply, but as the set grows so the value grows. You decide to try to complete a set of cheaper items, sell it and invest in a more expensive set, say a collection of guitars or Turkish vases. If you can sell that set for £1000 you win the game.

This game builds in all of the features of internet auction buying and selling, the luck of the find, the variability in the selling price, the need to focus on profit over desire. You can even do deals with your fellow players and buy and sell direct. The cleverly designed board with it's web browser and value chart, with two spinners to add the chance element, gives the right look and feel for a real immersive experience.

Then, you have your Turkish vase collection in place, it should be worth £1200, but the web auction cannot be predicted better than plus or minus 50%, spin the spinner, will you get your price and win the game?
This is great four player game, ideally suited to 13+ but great for adults too. Comes complete with a 4 function calculator for the percentage calculations, full rules, card set with beautifully illustrated collectibles, board and spinners.

The game has been beautifully produced in full colour with top quality components and is packed in a school friendly carrying bag for easy storage and durability.


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Web Wheeler Dealer  Web Wheeler Dealer  Web Wheeler Dealer

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