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Wondermaths and Illuminate at Home

Wondermaths and Illuminate at Home

Wondermaths and Illuminate at Home • PCODE 00-231 • PID 401

Home schooling versions of our gifted and talented courses: now for everyone!

Wondermaths is suitable for an age range of roughly 8-12

Illuminate is suitable for an range of roughly 12-16 (and beyond!)

Wondermaths and Illuminate are our acclaimed courses for gifted and talented mathematicians in schools. Our view is that eferyone can be a gifted mathematician and these courses are suitable for anyone with an interest in mathematics.Not doing sums or exercises but the wonderful, compelling, bemusing, exciting thing that really is mathematics. We feel sure that most home schoolers are not at school because they recognise that school subjects can often be much kmore exciting studied without the problems of fixed periods, large groups and the hurly burly of school life. So, we think you will be excited to study maths using our courses. In each case the pack contains one copy of the student book and a pack of cards, dice and items needed for the activities. Wondermaths contains a book for the parent, guardian or helper to give suggestions for how to use the materials. There is also access to the Wondermaths web site with downloadable versions of all of the materials and extras. With Illuminate, there is a CD Rom,. This contains all of the materials, plus presentations, online interactive materials tio support the activities and an extra copiable booklet to support one of the big themes in maths!

We have priced the packs at a very affordable £20 to support the home schooling community. Note, these packs are not available for purchase by schools. They should get our full course packs.

Wondermaths at Home

Wondermaths at Home


The Home Schooling version of Wondermaths

Not presently available

Illuminate at Home

Illuminate at Home


The Home Schooling version of Illuminate

Not presently available

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Wondermaths and Illuminate at Home Wondermaths and Illuminate at Home Wondermaths and Illuminate at Home
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