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Zeus on the Loose

Zeus on the Loose

Zeus on the Loose • PCODE 00-117 • PID 206

An exciting card game for the whole family. Race to be the one with Zeus when the score reaches 100 and you have built Mount Olympus!

Grab the great God Zeus and hang onto him as players build and climb Mount Olympus (the discard pile). Players have to work out which of their number or special Greek Gods cards to play as they keep adding to the score of the mountain. The winner is the player holding onto Zeus when the mountain score is 100. Play your cards right and be strategic with the extra God cards to reach the summit with Zeus. This is a fantastic game to keep the whole family amused around the table on a cold winter's night or on holiday.

Number of Players:

2 - 5 Players

Age Range:

Age 7+ (Well, it says 8+ but we think that confident younger players could also enjoy this!)

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Zeus on the Loose Zeus on the Loose
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